Sunday, May 8, 2016

HAPPY MOTHERS DAY......................................................

My mom passed when I was she has been gone a long time.  I still miss her...but I, like many of you, have been fortunate enough to have encountered many other surrogate  mother's during my lifetime.

My beautiful Aunt Ruth, my wonderful sister-in-law Sandy, my perfect friend other terrific friend, Mary, just to name a few of the women who have so influenced me during this trip called "life".

Thanks to all of you and here is wishing all the mothers out there the very happiest of mothers day.

Stay well.




  1. You've been very lucky to have had surrogate moms!

  2. No matter how many years they have been gone, we always miss our moms.

  3. I know, Jo. My mom, too -- nearly 40 years ago. I was 25 then. It's tough and I melted down yesterday. My aunt was my surrogate mom, although we lived far apart. Still, good to have one. I'm glad you did, too.

  4. What a beautiful post of Thankfulness to all of the Wonderful Women who influence Life! It's a lovely Tribute. Dawn... The Bohemian


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