Thursday, January 1, 2015

A COLLAGE OF A LIFE.............................

Years ago, while visiting my beautiful aunt Ruth...we were talking about my blog.  She asked me why I began blogging and I replied something to the effect that I really didn't know.  She piped in with this reply..."I know need to let the world know YOU WERE HERE".   After thinking about this a while....I believe that is the correct assumption.

Perhaps....that is the only thing a blog invitation for others to see that you existed and really lived.

If one does not have an extended family..... who is there to tell your story?  With that in mind I have decided to create a collage of my life.  

Pictures and cards of where I have lived and where I have traveled.

Sweet cards from friends who really mattered....and beautiful cards I have picked up along the way.

Oh...I know....when I die this will probably end up on the junk pile or in some second hand shop somewhere...but for now I will work on this little project until it is complete.

This project that says I WAS HERE......AND I MATTERED.

hugs to all of you.



  1. That's a super idea! I think your aunt had great insight. We all have this need to say "I was here," don't we? I think that's one of the motivations behind my blog too. Even though I also know that it is just one blog among a gazillion of similar ones, LOL. Happy New Year, Jo!

  2. Hugs to you, my friend. What a wonderful idea! Hoping you and yours had a wonderful holiday. It is so good to see you back.

  3. What a wonderful idea. I've never thought about blogging in this way, but I realize now it is true. I blog because I want to say 'I was here'. Hugs to you my friend. Hoping you and yours had a wonderful holiday.

  4. That is a lovely idea and what you say about blogging is true. Happy New Year to you and yours xxx

  5. You might be right! I think I started blogging to get some practice in writing. I had it in mind to be published .. well, I have been, but only non-fiction magazine articles, which is not what I wanted to do, so I gave up trying. But now it's a kind of diary where I write about my thoughts, my family, my dogs etc. Actually, I've just moved blogs, so you will only find a few posts if you come over to visit at the moment, but it will grow.

    What I do plan is to make more photobooks. I made one for my brother for Christmas from old family albums and it occurs to me that it's a great way to immortalise all kinds of things... the next project will be my sons' childhood drawings, I think.


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