Sunday, August 3, 2014

OUR NEW ABODE.....JUST A LITTLE SNEAK PEAK!.................................

This is a long post....

O.k......let's start off with the loo.......LOL LOL......
this is actually the small guest bathroom.  Since we have decided to move any guests we may have to a local hotel....I wanted to use the bathtub as a wonderful place for my inside plants.  There is a huge skylight in the ceiling allowing tremendous light...and by grouping them all together they get more of a greenhouse effect. the way.....this bathroom is off a short front hall just a little to the right of our entry door so you do notice it first thing!

This move was a big downsize in square footage for us 1,400 square feet to be exact so I have had to use my existing things in new unexpected ways as we certainly could not go out and buy new.

The dining room has pretty much the same things as in our last house ..... but we did have to purchase a little inexpensive dining table.

High ceilings and huge windows at the ceiling give the house an expansive feel.  The weird object above the buddha is part of the chandelier that was here previously.  I plan on keeping the thing but the light panels were so dingy we will have to soak and clean them before we are able to use the it.

We did just a cosmetic uplift in this little home.  We replaced all the floors and kitchen appliances.  Our new floors are once again a dark wood, as we both love how cozy that feels and we put down ceramic tile in the kitchen this time as the wood floors in our old kitchen really took a beating with us and the dogs.

The floors were previously 6 inch white square tile which is still on the kitchen counter tops.  Hopefully, we will be able to update the cabinets and tops in the future...but for now they are fine.

We have another huge skylight in the kitchen.....
and as you know we get a tremendous amount of sun here in AZ.  We had talked about putting a shade screen over the thing...but the more I thought about it....I really did not want to make the kitchen any darker.  I just wanted to find a way to block some of the hot sun that seems to come in there in the morning.  So I decided to do this......

This is the umbrella that used to hang in my art room at the old house.  

The light on the glass is wonderful throughout the day and it actually is placed in front of one of the A/C vents so it acts as a wind chime every time the A/C kicks on......which often.

Well......those a just a few shots of our sweet little spot.  I have a few more rooms to share....but that will have to wait for another it is a Sunday night in AZ......which means Chinese food and movies on the sofa with the pups.

Have a wonderful week.



  1. Jo how lovely is everything! I adore the skylight umbrella!! you are so wonderfully creative. Cant wait to see more. Hope all is well with you!

  2. Everything looks lovely. I love your use of the decorated umbrella under the skylight. Very clever and attractive.

  3. I love your light shade/windchime. It is beautiful! Looks like a gorgeous space.

  4. I love this little peak at your new home. I just know you are going to be happy. I have very high ceilings here as well. Hubby said they are about 14 feet. When we hang new curtains, he has to do it for me. They do make the room look bigger. Enjoy that new home.

  5. I love the idea of having your own greenhouse indoors....the plants look so healthy! I also love your umbrella idea to diffuse the bright sunlight. Sky lights can be good but they can let in too much light where it can throw off a glare. Enjoy your new home! :)

  6. oh my gosh I love everything! What cool ideas! I noted some ideas that I would have done and wondered if anyone else would think of them and there you are! More pics please! Finally I have some inspiration!

  7. What a great idea to make the umbrella light-catcher/wind chimes! Your new place looks wonderful. May you have nothing but love, laughter, good health and good times there!

  8. Hi Jo,
    I have missed you!
    Love the photos of your new home and that art umbrella is so creative! Love it!
    Can't wait to see more photos. :)
    I recently uploaded some new art to my blog. When you get a chance please stop by and leave a comment. I would love to hear from you. :)


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