Sunday, October 13, 2013

LEAVING ON A JET PLANE..................................

Just a quick little note before we leave this Thursday.  It is a 20 hour or so traveling adventure to Budapest....of course, I have come down with a cold.
Drinking lots of tea, orange juice and chicken soup to try and get this thing out of my system before we take off this Thursday.

Leaving you with this beautiful seasonal bouquet.

Please change the water while I'm gone.




  1. Oh, dear -- Jo, I hope you recover quickly so you can enjoy your holiday. It sounds like it has all the potential of being quite wonderful!

  2. Have a wonderful, wonderful time, Jo. I hope your cold is completely gone before you have to get on a plane-that can be miserable. The flowers are gorgeous...maybe I should freeze dry them so I don't forget to water them! Can't wait to see some pictures of your trip- xo Diana

  3. Jo, I'm just doing the rounds after a long absence from Blogland and, here you are, tripping off to Budapest! Have a fantastic time and I do hope you feel better very quickly. xx

  4. Can't wait to hear all about it! Think 'UnCold' thoughts and keep drinking your remedy's. Might want to share some water with the gorgeous flowers...flush the cold out :) Just enjoy yourself xoxo

  5. I hope you are feeling fantastic and having a wonderful time, dear Jo!!
    - Irina


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