Thursday, September 24, 2009

At my age, I've been fairly intimidated by this whole computer process - but I have finally taken the plunge and started in this blogging game. You know it is never to late to have the childhood you always wanted -- so here goes!!


  1. Way to go JO !!!!! I knew you would get it! The photo is so cute!!!! You tell Brad to let you do this on your own!!!! Love you! Sandy

  2. Hello Jo,

    Ever thought that people you meet whether it online or in person was meant to be?

    I came across your blog purely by accident, I was looking for Gypsy wagons and I saw a gypsy picture..

    But its so strange because My new blog name is 'Gypsy Flower' and your page is covered in Flowers too! How strange I thought.

    I continued to read through your blog and see that youre a Libra too!

    And you have a mindful attitude!
    All very similar to myself.
    You have a love for travel too, just like myself.
    I feel I was meant to 'accidently' come across your page and I'm so glad that I have.

    Just had to write something...
    Gypsy Flower (Saffy)

    P.s This is my daughters blog, I couldn't figure out how to send it from my own lol sorry x

  3. It's a wonderful blog that you keep - All the very best to you!

  4. P.S... I also Cannot believe you started the blog ON MY BIRTHDAY!! (24th sept) lol x x


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