"The soul should always stand ajar~~ready to welcome the estatic experience."

Emily Dickenson

Saturday, November 15, 2014


Woke up this morning and walked into my living room.....the light on these roses was so spectacular I wanted to share it with the world.  It was as though the universe wanted to make sure I stood up and took notice!

One can never have enough beauty.

  It really is the simple things that truly matter.  Have a beautiful weekend.



Monday, November 10, 2014

A WELCOMING GARDEN......................................

Here is the little garden that graces the front door to our new, sweet little spot.  I have always believed that your front door area  gives such an important message as to who lives inside. It is a welcome to all who visit your home. 

Most of these plantings were in place when we purchased this house.  However, the previous owner was a very tidy gardner and liked everything shaped into little tiny balls.  

Not so.....with us.  We like a much more lush feel to our gardens.  The tree in the corner is a Ficus and the previous owner was kind enough to leave it for us to enjoy.  The tree is in such a large pot that it allows the Vinca to thrive below.  I might add that much of these planting are volunteers ( which all of you KNOW THAT I LOVE.....less work).

I have always believed that a fountain will help plants thrive.....it could be inside our outside the door.....either place will give such a serene feel.

Whether your front door area welcomes inside or outside your home.....matters not.  The energy that emits to a visitor is something that will stay with them long after they have visited and returned to the world outside.  

All of us could use just a little more calm in our world.......don't you think?